"Being a voice for children with no voice"

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Today, Many Iraqi children are vulnerable to abuse, neglect, violence, and exploitation by criminals, extremists, and human traffickers.  

Here is what we did about it over Recent Months.


  • 25 adults were trained to serve as Child Protection Units – an informal neighborhood safety net for at-risk kids- and a hotline was set up to take phone calls concerning children in need.

  • 57 children benefitted from 14 home-based income projects, giving them the chance to stop working, collecting cans from the trash, or begging on the streets.

  • 52 kids received gifts of clothing, including clothes for school.

  • 1 tour bus began its transformation into a “Hope Bus” – a mobile center and classroom for at-risk and working children.

  •  2 doctors and a nurses, supported by ICF and 2 other NGOs, provided medical care to hundreds of young children at a tent clinic serving families that fled ISIS. 

  • 208 boys and girls received legal aid and protection in cases with the police and courts.

  • 256 children received legal documents required to attend school, get government food and other benefits.

  • 258 children were provided social services such as health care, psychosocial care, intervention to prevent abuse or early marriage, and family reunification.

  • 450 boys and girls attended training to educate them how to avoid illegal activities, protect themselves from being by criminals and extremists, and advise them how to respond if arrested.